single dose of Covid vaccine is 96.6% effective in the prevention of death

One dose of Covid-19 vaccine 96.6% is effective in preventing death. Second dose 97.5%: Govt Data

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how much effectiveness of covid vaccine you will see in this report

This data suggests that there is significant protection against severe diseases and death for a significant portion of the adult population.
The four-month data of the national vaccination drive, released by the health ministry on Thursday, showed that Covid-19 vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing mortality after the first dose stood at 96.6 per cent – reaffirming that vaccines offer near-total protection against serious disease and death.

single dose of Covid vaccine is 96.6% effective in the prevention of death (1)

Between April 18 and August 15, real-time Covid-19 vaccination data showed that vaccine effectiveness in preventing deaths was further increased after the second dose. It stood at an amazing 97.5 per cent.

DG has released preliminary data about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines in preventing the death of infants.ICMRThursday, Dr. Balram Bhatava announced that the health ministry will soon provide real-time vaccine tracker information. The data was synergised through the CoWIN platform and national Covid-19 testing data of the ICMR.

The Thursday data is significant. This data indicates that there is significant protection against severe diseases and death for a large portion of the eligible adult population. It shows that 58% of the eligible population was vaccinated and 17% were fully vaccinated.

“This dynamic data shows vaccines used in national vaccination drives, even after the first dose, offer protection up to 95 per cent against serious disease or death. It is evident that the vaccine tool is the most effective shield against death that we have in our fight against pandemics. It is clear that two doses of vaccine provide almost complete protection against death and serious disease. This will drastically change the situation,” Dr. V K Paul, Head India’s Covid-19 Task Force stated.

We have plenty of vaccines. Those who are still not covered by vaccines need to get their first dose. Paul said that it is important to reach 100 percent coverage for the first dose faster. This will provide protection against death.”

Bhargava also shared preliminary findings. He said that Covid-19 vaccinations are safe and effective in preventing death in all age groups. Bhargava stated that the ICMR is currently collecting data about the percentage of people who were vaccinated and those who became infected.

We should not forget that vaccines can cause disease, but they are also disease-modifying vaccines. Even after vaccination, breakthrough infections are possible. This is why we recommend that we keep using masks and Covid-19. Bhargava explained that they are currently looking at the data about break-through infection.

Paul stated that on Thursday,National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization(NTAGI), currently holding discussions on possible rolloutvaccination for children. It is a matter of scientific debate and public health that when should children be vaccinated. A few countries have already introduced vaccination for their children. WHO does not recommend that we move in that direction. Paul acknowledged that the government continues to work in scientific validation of vaccines for possible use in children.

“Zydus has already been approved for adolescents. We also have information about its stockpile. Our scientific bodies are currently discussing how and when it should be given to this group. The trials of Covaxin has also reached the final stages. This vaccine could also be made available once we have final results. Paul also stated that approval has been given for the Biological E vaccine to be used in phase 2.

Paul, however, stated that current scientific evidence does not support the requirement of vaccinations for schools being reopened.

“Nowhere in the globe is there a requirement that schools be reopened, it must be followed by vaccinations. It is not a requirement. Teachers and staff should be vaccinated. Paul also highlighted that parents should be vaccinated to protect their children if they bring the virus home.

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