Have you Completed the Vaccination

Have you Completed the Vaccination, download your vaccination certificate (New Guide)

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We are very happy to tell you that vaccination helped to control this covid-19 disease so if you haven’t done yet please go for vaccination without any delay. it is very important for everyone and covid certificate download

in this blog guide, we are going to detail how you can get your covid vaccine certificate download, in India, there are a lot of arrangement because the government want to stop spreading or this dangerous diseases

in India every day millions of people book on cowin website vaccination slot when it was started it is very difficult to get a slot in our organization our employees spent two hours just book a vaccination slot and get covid 19 vaccine certificate

covid 19 vaccine who are lately gain trust on vaccination and now they make mind to go for vaccination but now they are struggling to get a booking slot so we are here with proper guidance in this blog how you can book vaccination slot on cowin website

many people are unaware about the vaccination process how to book a slot and how to download your vaccination certificate pdf from official sites and applications like Umang app, Aarogya Setu App, Digilocker App, and also using their Aadhar card, Mobile Number, Reference ID, Beneficiary ID, and Cowin Portal.

How to Covid Vaccination Certificate Download

When you complete your vaccination you will get one certificate on that you can see all information about when you are vaccinated and how much dose you have completed there are two dose so both time you will get covid vaccination certificate

many time people dont check and they use some spammy apps may they will get aqccess of your device or harm you in some other way so please use goverment suggested apps which is secure and gives you best information in this blog we described step by step follow and get your certificate

How to download Cowin Vaccination Certificate from Digilocker App

Screenshot 2021 09 22 220041

Digilocker is a very popular and goverment approved application commonly used to store approved important documents on your application so may you lose your physical document still you can use your digital copy and it is widely accepteble by goverment many times

follow this detailed steps to download your vaccination certificate very easily

first of all find the application in your mobile if you not installed please install it from play store, iphone users also install this application from app store dont worry

if you are first time installer you have to create and account this is a little longer process but be patience and fill all asked queries in form like your name, age, mobile number email address fill all details may you will asked to otp check your messging app for otp

on your mail also you will get otp varification for creating your digilocker account

Now after the registration completed, navigate through the Central Government tab in your app and click on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) button.

when You will see an option labeled as “Vaccine Certificate” on descrbed location well done you have found it.

Click on the Vaccine Certificate link button and enter your 13 Digit Reference ID on your vaccinaion receipt or your app to download the Covid Vaccine Certificate very easily.

How to download Covid Vaccine Certificate From Aarogya Setu App

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Aarogya Setu App is specially designed app by goverment of india to stop the spread of corona virus and many companies made this app mandetory to enter in their factory or offices so many people have access of this application by default.

  • Install the Aarogya Setu App from play store in your android mobile and on app store from ios device respectively, if you have not already and open it please open.
  • Login or Register using your Mobile Number and OTP and make your user account.
  • Click on the CoWIN tab at the top with proper informative.
  • open app you can indentify download tab Now click on the Vaccine Certificate and enter your 13 Digit Beneficiary ID.
  • Now click on the “Get Certificate” link to download it in your device make sure you have proper location selected so you can find it easily.

Covid 2nd Vaccine Certificate

in last two months goverment made pressure on all private and goverment organizations to make this app and this final second vaccination mendatory for all employess to stop spread of corona virus

so after completing second dose vaccination you will get conformation message on your ragistered mobile number but people many times get deleted messages so dont worry here is a way to download your vaccine certificate

you can go through any of this app or main cowin website of goverment and open your account by filling up otp you can download your final certificate

How to download Corona Vaccine Certificate From Umang App

Screenshot 2021 09 22 220209

Umang app is presented by goerment and if you are currently using it or want to use please download it from play store on android device and app store from iOS Devices

follow this simple steps you will get your covid vaccination certificate

  • Open the UMANG app from your android play store. If you have not downloaded the app already, go to the play store and download the app from there in your apps store.
  • Open the app in your mobile device and search for the “What’s New” section its very easy to locate.
  • Under the “What’s New” section, you will find a tab named CoWIN see in detail top on that.
  • Click on the CoWIN and tap on the Download Vaccination Certificate option please select download location popup.
  • Now enter your mobile number and also enter the OTP that is just sent to your mobile by apps otp sending systems correct otp.
  • Confirm the Beneficiary’s name and download the Covid Vaccination certificate from there and use and save it for further use.

How to download Covid Vaccination Certificate from Cowin Website

Screenshot 2021 09 22 220141

majority of all people who knows this site they use first this website because on this site you dont need any beneficiary id or anything else detail just your mobile number and otp and you will get your account open on cowin site

here you can book a slot for you and your family members and make slot book together and get all certificate from one account very easily

you can also use this vaccinator app it will help you to find nerst vaccination center and booking your vaccination schedule slot and get vaccinated

How to download Vaccination Certificate using Aadhar card and mobile number

its very simple you have to use any above mentioned app or by just using main cowin vaccination site you can directly use your mobile number or aadhar number and you can downlod your certificate

you can use following apps

UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) is envisaged to make e-governance ‘mobile first’.

Aarogya Setu

Co-WIN Vaccinator App


if you want any further help in this process please message us we are happy to help you all

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